2021 October Forum

Networking and On-Demand Sessions

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Networking Sessions: Wednesday, October 20th at 1:30 pm EST

Moderator Topic
Arthur Schwartz SEL and Character: Exchanging ideas on a seamless crosswalk
Phil Brown Exchanging ideas on enhancing your school's climate and culture
Tamra Nast Learn more about the Schools of Character Application
Lori Soifer Sharing how your school is supporting students during COVID
Suzanne Bracci Developing a workplace culture of character: What works?
Lili Borrero Character educators sharing ideas who work in schools outside the United States
Susan Sclafani What kinds of research on character would be most useful to you and your school?
Nichelle Davis Ahmaddiya What does a solution-focused approach to continuous improvement for school leadership look like through the lens of character?
Debra Cohen Encouraging your students to write about their core values
Meg Tinkham Helping students understand the ramifications of their digital footprint

Networking Sessions: Thursday, October 21st at 1:30 pm EST

Moderator Topic
Arthur Schwartz Teens and Character Development
Tamra Nast Promising Practices: A path to developing a comprehensive character initiative. We are already a National School of Character. How are we driving the teaching of character deeper into the culture of our school?
Lori Soifer Exchanging ideas on ways to integrate character-related attributes during the college admissions process
Susan Sclafani How does your school get new teachers and staff members "on board" in your character initiative?
Lili Borrero Character educators sharing ideas who work in schools outside the United States
Phil Brown Sharing ideas on ways to assess and strengthen your school's character initiative
Nichelle Davis Ahmaddiya Strategies for re-igniting teacher passion and a positive school environment
Suzanne Bracci Developing a Community of Character: How to begin?
Bill Trusheim How have you been able to engage parents and community in your character education efforts?
Debra Cohen Sharing ideas to foster integrity in your classroom and school

On-Demand Videos (We've invited world-class leaders of character development to record a short video on a topic that they are passionate about. These videos are available at your convenience during the Forum and for 60 days after the Forum. Registered attendees should click here to view these videos.)

Presenter Topic
Michael Jennings The Most Powerful Character Development Tool You Didn't Even Know You Had!
Mike Sullivan Be the BEST YOU!
Christine Ma-Lau Character Education in Hong Kong
Megan Snyder Building Character Through Compassion for Animals
Jeff Kluever Teaching the ESSENTIALS for Middle School and High School Students
J. Scott Raecker Creating a Culture of Excellence: Stress Management
Carmen Hurst Buliding an Inclusive School Community
Tabitha Choquette Engaging Families in Early Childhood Character Development
Pam McNall Key Practices in Trauma Informed, Social Emotional Learning for a Safe School Climate
Jill Garner Creating a Culture of Respect in the Workplace
Ralph Singh Helping all children find their story (while avoiding the "danger of a single story")
Dan Faas Beyond Dressdown Days: Cultivating Authentic Character Buy-In
Kathy Hann What Makes You Beautiful: The Impact of Service-Learning on Character Development
Laura Fenn The Walking Classroom: Academic Content and Character Development
Scarlett Lewis Recover and Rebound post-pandemic by Choosing Love
Melissa Nunez A Continuous School Improvement Model That Takes Character Development to the Next Level
Dr. Patty O'Grady The Language of Positive Psychology
Serena Pariser Character-based Classroom Management That Works