Character Practices


Character Practices

We have compiled character building practices coordinated and implemented by verified Schools of Character. We are excited to bring you each lesson to help your school on its character journey.

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Elementary School

Character Counting

After reflecting on the many ways students have helped around their home, students will create individual number stories. Stories will be created, illustrated, and shared.

How Many Are Homeless

This lesson integrates objectives in math and social studies. Fifth and second grade buddies learn about the number of homeless people in the surrounding community.

Caring for Our School’s Family

Kindergarten and First Grade students will be wearing stickers with their name and their “Renfro Family” Name to assist them in finding their leader.

A Good Case of Stripes: Celebrating Uniqueness and Making Connections

This lesson is designed to be used at the start of the school year. It is most effective if teachers have incorporated moral and performance.

Turn-Taking and Choosing Who Goes First: Playing Fair

Students will understand and use strategies for deciding who goes first or who chooses a game/activity. Col. John Robinson School Grade Level: 1 

The Places You’ll Go!

After reading Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss, students will discuss their character and develop their own goals. Grade Level: K-5 Estimated Time: 30-45 minutes

Science Discovery Day

Fifth grade students will search lesson plan books, on-line resources, and other science references in order to find an activity that is appropriate...

Student Driven Service Learning

The students will discuss problems that they know of in their schools, communities and around the world and then narrow down these issues...

Persons of Character Research Report and Wax Museum

Through this lesson, students will research a person of character and write a report on that person. Once the report is written, students will transform...

Parent Tutors: A Community Approach

The Language / Reading Specialist joins forces with the LCTA Social Worker and a parent volunteer to organize and execute this program, thus bringing together...

My Hands Can…

In this lesson students learn about and practice good choices they can make, using the book 26 Big Things Small Hands Do. Teaching staff read the...

Manners and Morals

Students will discuss what respect for ourselves and respect for others means, and how they relate to morals and manners. Milwaukee College Preparatory School Grade

Mad Lib Service Learning Project

This lesson can be used as a grammar review, or it may be used to practice a particular part of speech.

Kindness Acrostic Poems

This character education on “kindness” will involve students understanding the definition of kindness & writing acrostic poems. The only background information necessary to carry out...

Immigration Simulation Day: A Day in the Life of an Immigrant at Ellis Island

Students will transition between four stations to experience a day in the life of an immigrant arriving at Ellis Island. Uthoff Valley Elementary School Grade

Generational Singing

Bayless High School students will teach Bayless kindergarten students various holiday songs with movements. Practices will begin about two weeks before the students perform.

Fill Buckets All Day: Be a Bucket Filler!

This lesson is best done in the classroom after the first month or two of school. Its purpose is twofold: to get students thinking about their...

Exploring Our Cultural Customs

Students interview family members and research their cultural heritage and traditions. The purpose is to share their findings, knowledge, and experiences with classmates.

Ethical Entrepreneurs

Second grade businesses at Hagemann Elementary promote ethical values as a foundation for good character. The businesses are a hit for all stakeholders as it...

Be a Buddy, Not a Bully

I used this lesson last year with my most difficult students. It gave my students the strategies and coping skills they needed, especially when dealing...

Character Education – Character Plays

This lesson uses five stories from Stories to Light Our Way: Journey to the World of Good Volume 1, written by Ralph Singh. After being split...


Middle School

Cancer Banner Art Installation

Students will demonstrate their understanding of Installation Art by creating one at their school. In preparation for creating their art installation, students observe, study, discuss...

Columbus: Hero or Villain?

In this lesson, students analyze a variety of sources in order to determine for themselves whether Columbus should be considered a hero or a villain.


To accept anyone or anything, a person must first accept himself or herself. Sometimes people have a hard time recognizing the good in themselves; therefore...

Circles of Strength: What Do You Stand For?

“Circles of Strength” is a lesson designed to help students reflect upon how they are part of many different community “circles” within the “Circle of...

Character(s) in History – A Biographical Investigation

This lesson enhances a common lesson about biographies and autobiographies by infusing it with connections to character education through the key elements of a newspaper.

Around Your School—Bonding Students to Staff

Unfortunately, in our society not every job holds the same prestige and as a result some occupations do not receive as much respect as they...

Advocacy, Recognition, Prevention through Art and Health

This lesson is designed to coincide with an Art project using installation art. Students learn about cancer in health class, survey the school community to...


High School

Got Seatbelts?

Overview This interdisciplinary lesson integrates objectives of the Art: Drawing and Design Course, the Business: Computer Design course, the Science: Physics course, and the Driver...

Got Character?

Overview In October of 1993, the agency of Goodby Silverstein & Partners devised a hugely popular campaign to advertise for a fledgling dairy industry.

Creating Classroom Rules

Students read a story about a student who feels uncomfortable and judged during a group discussion in a classroom. After reading the story, they think...

Politics in Puerto Rico: 1900-1930

We stress the importance of knowing about the political parties of the 1930s, their leaders, what they believed and what values and virtues they stood...

Civic Responsibility: Meeting a Community Need

The purpose of this lesson is to have students focus on what civic responsibility is all about and to come up with an action which...

Inspirations from Gandhi

Students will work with a partner to create motivational poster based on famous quotes by Gandhi. South Brunswick High School Estimated Time: One class period

Developing Student Leaders

To develop student leadership, students create S.M.A.R.T goals & provide evidence as to how they will meet leadership goals. In addition, students list their leadership...


Mixed Grades

Parent Academy Night

One teacher should oversee running the program to aid communication between teachers. Each teacher chooses whether to hold two mathematics or language arts related courses.

Caring Hearts

Students will hear a story about a character who hurts his classmate’s feelings by writing a mean poem in her Valentine’s Day card.

Caring for Our School’s Family

Renfro Elementary School Grade Level: Mixed gradesEstimated Time: 45 minutesConnections to the 11 Principles of Character:Principle 1: Promotes core values., Principle 2: Defines “character” to...

“Have I Told You?” – A Lesson About Gifts & Talents

The lesson was completed during a class discussion about citizenship. Prior to this lesson, citizenship was defined as being patriotic (supporting the troops, honoring veterans, the importance...

“Bully” Documentary & Discussion

Educators will need to preview the film, read through the accompanying guide, and determine what their student group can handle. Some parts of the film...