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Schools of Character Application has been certifying schools for 20+ years based on their implementation of The 11 Principles of Effective Character. In that time, more than 800 National Schools of Character, State Schools of Character, Districts of Character,  Mexico Schools of Character and China Schools of Character have been certified. More than 3 million educators, students, parents and other community members have improved their lives and the lives of those around them by fostering character development through’s Schools of Character and resources.

Why Apply?

In Schools of Character, adults embrace their critical role as models. Teachers work together as professionals — along with parents and community members as partners — to positively shape the social, emotional, and character development of the young people entrusted to them each day. Students in these schools feel safe, respected, and connected to those around them, allowing them to thrive academically and socially and be motivated to give back to their communities.

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