What We Stand For

  1. Character is goodness-in-action. We envision a future where honest, trustworthy, respectful people (of all ages) practice the Golden Rule. 

  2. Character development inspires young people to understand, care about, and practice the character strengths that will enable them to flourish in school, in the workplace, and as citizens.

  3. Character reveals our common humanity the universal virtues and core values that transcend religious, cultural, or ethnic differences.

  4. Parents and families are a child’s first character educator. Children first learn about kindness, responsibility, and fairness within the context of their family.

  5. Caring adults need to model character. Educators, coaches, and community leaders are essential for every child and teen to learn and practice the character strengths.  

  6. Character needs to be taught, caught, and sought. Especially during adolescence, young people should form their own moral compass, based on timeless principles.

  7. Character is a significant factor in student achievement. Research has shown that comprehensive character programs boost academic success.  

  8. Sports build character. The best coaches emphasize teamwork and tenacity more than wins.  

  9. “Hire for Character. Train for Skills.” All workplace leaders need to embrace the wisdom of this expression.

  10. Character shapes our ethics and ultimately, our legacy.