There are many practices, programs, and resources schools use as part of their comprehensive character development initiatives. Character.org does not endorse any particular program or approach.

The application opens in the summer.

11:59pm Eastern Standard Time, Friday, November 19, 2021.

The fee for the state review is $250. If your school is selected to participate in the national review there is an additional fee of $250. Fees vary for districts and charter networks.

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Becoming a School of Character is a process. Every school is different, but typically, character teams working to implement the 11 Principles receive their certification in 3-5 years. Some schools require more time.

You do not need to be a Character.org member to submit an application. We do ask, however, that you sign up to receive our free e-newsletter as we are always disseminating useful information about character development and the 11 Principles.

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We cannot accept applications submitted after the deadline. We recommend that you save a copy of all your documents and that you continue to work on your character initiative so you can apply the following fall.

There will be a box in the application where you can enter credit card information or a purchase order number.

State Schools of Character are announced in late January, and National Schools of Character are announced in May.

A school or district trained in the 11 Principles Framework cannot assume it will become a State or National School of Character. The training will help a school staff understand the principles better; however, every school and district is independently evaluated based on the strength of its SOC application.

Both State and National Schools of Character hold their designations for 5 years.

All schools achieving state certification receive a digital state badge/logo that can be used on their school materials and may purchase a State School or State District of Character banner from Character.org to display at their school. Character.org provides a press release to all state applicants as well as social media templates to help spread the word of their achievement. State Coordinators and state affiliate sponsors work with schools to plan local recognition events.

Schools of Character are formally recognized and celebrated at Character.org’s National Forum in Washington D.C. All schools receiving national designation will receive a digital certificate and a digital badge/logo that can be used on their school materials. National School or National District of Character banners may be purchased from Character.org to display at their school.